Thursday, July 3, 2014

Media advisor to Karnataka CM visits Kannadiga journalists association

News and pics: Rons Bantwal
Daijiworld Media Network- Mumbai (EP)

Mumbai, June 3: “It is sad that many newspapers have closed down as they were being sold at a low cost. It is necessary to encourage the minor regional newspapers. Media should be pro people. Journalists should be the hope of the masses instead of misleading them," said senior journalist and media adviser to the Chief Minister Dinesh Amin Mattu.

"You are bound to succeed if you proceed believing in the history of journalism. While reading is the strength of journalists, questions
are their weapon. However stay away from asking questions in a taunting manner," he added.

Dinesh Amin spoke during his visit to the association of Kannadiga journalists at Santa Cruz east on Saturday morning May 31.

In the meeting presided by Chandrashekar Palethady, president of Kannadiga Journalist's association, senior journalists and columnists
Ravi R Anchan, Gregory L Almeida advisor to the association and businessman Sudhakar Uchil were present on the dais. Paledthady and
other office bearers lauded several decades of service by Dinesh Mattu and felicitated him with a shawl, memento and a bouquet.

"The work of giving suggestions is being considered as a work of revenge these days. In these circumstances, it is heartening to see the
association of journalists recognizing my service of giving suggestions and correcting the society. The land of Mumbai is known
for adventure. It is also a land that gives success to those who struggle. It is ideal for the common man. People prefer such places. It
is a matter of pride to know of an association that is indulged in loving and serving Tulu-Kannadigas. The people here are unity oriented
and they are proceeding with social responsibility," he said.

"In this age when newspapers are unable to be pro readers and people, they owe something to the readers. While only courts and media can create opposition force, newspapers should inform the truth. They should not be sold as a means of misleading information. They should not be controlled by paid news channels. You can contact me for healthy discussions on Maharastra-Karnataka state's media colleagues," he added.

"It is a matter of pride that the association is active for the betterment of journalists. It should develop the novelty in journalism and new journalists. It should think of the middle class people. Let the association identify thoughts on a grass root level and be service oriented," he concluded.

Chandrashekar Palethady in his presidential address emphasized on the need for a newspaper bhavan for the activities of the association.

Rons Bantwal, the honorary secretary gave an introductory speech saying, "May 31, 2014 is a memorable day for the Mumbai- Kannadiga journalism. Well known journalist, columnist and media adviser of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Dinesh Amin Mattu has visited the Patrika Bhavan of the Sangha on his own. Mattu was born in Hejmady and passed his primary and high school education there amidst poverty."

Sangha secretary Harish K Hejmady welcomed and compeered the programme. Working committee member Sham M Hande proposed the vote of thanks. Joint secretary Pramnath B Shetty Mundkoor, committee member Gurudatt Poonja Mundkoor, sports committee president Jaya C Bhandary, Vishwanath Amin Niddodi, Ramesh Udyavara, Sridhar Uchil, S Daya, Harry R Sequeira, Arif Kalkatta and Vasanth Poojary were present and participated in the questions and answer session.

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